Look, Feel, and Be Well

What isCryotherapy?

Cry·o·ther·a·py: Looking, Feeling & Being Well

Cryotherapy has long been used as a relief treatment for everything from aches and pains to physical trauma. In addition, it has been touted by many for its beauty benefits. Going back several decades, cryotherapy is an established practice that has been shown to have benefits for just about everyone.

Definition of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is also known as “cold therapy”. Essentially, the treatment involves exposing the body, or isolated areas of the body such as the face, to extremely low temperatures for short periods of time. These temperatures can reach maximum lows of -110°C to -130°C and treatments average one to three minutes per session. This exposure results in numerous benefits, from reduced pain and inflammation to the lessening of fine lines and wrinkles.

How Cryotherapy Works

At Well Below Zero, we use advanced cryosaunas to provide safe, professional cryotherapy sessions for our clients. Cryosaunas are designed to use liquid nitrogen to gradually cool temperatures inside the cabin to the desired level. Clients stand in the cryosauna with head and neck exposed and with feet and hands protected by provided socks, booties, and gloves. Maximum skin exposure is desired in order to obtain the optimum benefits of the cryotherapy session.

As the liquid nitrogen softly moves across the skin’s surface, it triggers the body’s natural response to protect itself from freezing. Blood rushes to your core and becomes highly oxygenated. Once you warm up, this highly oxygenated blood is then circulated throughout your body, speeding up the healing process. The effect of cryotherapy is similar to that of an ice bath, but better. Cryotherapy can be instrumental in reducing swelling, improving pain, increasing metabolism, and more.

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